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Other Creatures

This website would not be complete without a look a the non-pony animals on our farm.

Maggie is our seven-year-old tri-color Sheltie. She is the first pet that Jeff and I ever owned. She was a Christmas present from my Aunt Marilyn and to this day is the best present ever. Jeff and I had a hard time naming our puppy-- Jeff wanted to call her "Spike"-- thank goodness we settled on Maggie. Maggie at six weeks

Spike doing what he does best A few months later, Jeff got his "Spike". That winter, a stray dog began hanging around our apartment, and indepentently from each other, we both began feeding him, putting out water for him, and calling him "Spike". We let him inside when the temperature dropped to -25°F, and he's lived inside ever since. The vet thinks he is part German Shepherd, part Welsh Corgi. Feel free to decide for yourself.

Many years later, we got our first cat, Stretch. Like Spike, she showed up on our doorstep. At the time, we were looking to purchase our farm, and this cat brought us her résumé in the form of a dead mouse. We knew then that she'd be perfect for keeping our barn free of rodents. Another gift from Stretch was three lovely kittens which she had on her first day at the farm. Stretch

Capri and Jeff Capri, also known as "the goat", is the latest addition to our menagerie. He is of the La Mancha breed-- you can tell by the size of his ears. He was born mid-May 1999, and should mature around 100 lbs. His job on the farm is to keep Sprocket company, and eat the weeds around the fence lines. He has a starring role in The Goat Movie, coming to a computer screen near you, if you want to wait for the 32-megabyte download.

William Eric Sommer is the latest to join us here at the farm. He was born on November 21, 2001 weighing in at 9 pounds, 6 ounces. We have been truely blessed with the arrival of our healthy, happy son. Although he has not met "his"ponies, yet, I am sure he will grow to love all our animals as much as we do.

Things Will enjoys:
Snoozing in his swing
Visiting Grandma, Uncle Eric and Aunt Kristi
Getting visits from Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Amanda

William Eric Sommer

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