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Sommertime Riddle



 Sommertime Riddle
 Section B
 Black filly
 Foaled March 20, 2008
 Gayfields Silver Sprocket  Sleight of Hand  Mylncroft Spun Gold
 Coed Coch Olwen
 Gayfields Silverado  Brockwell Spider
 Criban Old Silver
 Cloigen Ruby  Rhoson Maori  Downland Rembrant
 Rhoson Mirain
 Cloigen Rosie  Cilcennin Geraint
 Menai Rosemary

Sommertime Riddle was born at the lovely time of 8:30 am. Although I had been up all night watching for her, she was worth the wait. She is a lovely filly, but came out a color I did not expect. Because she is black, she tells me that both of her parents only carry one copy of the agouti gene. She gets her name from the fact that she has answered this question for me for both Ruby and Sprocket. Riddle will be available for sale upon weaning.

  Riddle has matured into a lovely yearling. She is getting tall and elegant while remaining sweet and willing to please. She will be shown on the line in 2009 in open and Welsh shows.

  New pictures showing Riddle as a yearling will be coming soon, when the mud dries up!

Riddle outside at 19 days old Nineteen day old Riddle

Riddle at eight days old in the barn Riddle at one day old wearing her jammies.

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