Sommer Pony Farm

Jennifer Sommer
PO Box 245
Clarksville, OH 45113
(937) 289-7669



Sommertime Rain



 Sommertime Razzmatazz
 Section B
 Bay filly, going gray
 Foaled May 12, 2006
 Gayfields Silver Sprocket  Sleight of Hand  Mylncroft Spun Gold
 Coed Coch Olwen
 Gayfields Silverado  Brockwell Spider
 Criban Old Silver
 Cloigen Ruby  Rhoson Maori  Downland Rembrant
 Rhoson Mirain
 Cloigen Rosie  Cilcennin Geraint
 Menai Rosemary

Razz at 9 days old Nine day old Razzmatazz

Razz and her mommy, Ruby One more of Roo and Razz

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