Sommer Pony Farm

Jennifer Sommer
PO Box 245
Clarksville, OH 45113
(937) 289-7669



Sommertime Mandolin



 Sommertime Mandolin
 Section B
 Gray filly, born ch. roan
 Foaled June, 2003
 Gayfields Silver Sprocket  Sleight of Hand  Mylncroft Spun Gold
 Coed Coch Olwen
 Gayfields Silverado  Brockwell Spider
 Criban Old Silver
 Brookside Merit  Duntarvie Janus  Duntarvie Crusader
 Longnewton Sundance
 Penucha Martina  Gorsty Firefly
 Eryl Gwyneth

Mandy, one month old Mandy and Slip, one month old each

Mandy's first show, July 2004 Mandy, July 2004 as a yearling

Mandy and her girl, first day in her new home Mandy going for a ride

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